Saturday, October 19, 2013

Jennifer in winter

I feel bad. Jennifer is out in the cold in January. She's leaving friends and the beauty of winter in Granite Falls. What will she return to in Seattle? Nothing!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Jennifer has been popping up lately. Would she respond to the kindness of the Mexican people? And enjoy Erika's tacos? I'm sure! Jennifer needs kindness...
You say, "She's fiction! She's not real! It's a novel!"   She is So real! Read "Jennifer's Journey" and find out!      ERIKA
Erika is a young woman like Jennifer. She has an open-air taco stand. Above, you see wonderful barbacoa tacos she quickly put together. She selects cooked meat from a hot kettle of broth, chops it with a cleaver and reheats it on the grill. She "butters" one side of the tortillas with seasoned oil, heats them and Voila! In goes the meat. You add the chopped cilantro and sweet onion she has ready. If you do take-out, she slides the foam plate into a plastic bag and touches the folded edge to the grill -- it's sealed! At home, you have an avocado, perfectly ripe. Fresh 'limon' juice (a lime lemon) sparks it up and brightens the fruit juice and quinine water (tonic). It's more fun to choose to eat in front of her open-front store of children's games. You can practice your Spanish as you have a tasty lonche! 
Provecho! (Enjoy!) 
(More about Erika and Jennifer later.)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Mexican Chocolate

Ahh, Mexican chocolate! Lunch at Tangos and then the fatal question... shall we have dessert?
I say, "No. Oh, I'll just look at the dessert menu for next time."
Ya, sure! "Hmm. What's this chocolate cake like?"
"Like a brownie. No wheat. Rich."
"Well, honey, do you want to split one?"
Brownie?? More like fudge! The plan: three or four bites, and take some home to have with morning coffee. (Burn your calories early in the day!)
I had promoted ordering. My Honey went along with it. But as he talked with the men, I glanced over and saw it was disappearing!
We'll return to Tangos for the 55 peso lunch special and 50 pesos for another slice of chocolate cake!
(I wonder if there'll be any to take home for morning coffee??)

Friday, October 4, 2013

Mirador is a rooftop reached by stairs: from mirar = to look at, watch
We walked from viewpoint to viewpoint on the mirador with the hot sun making a shady spot desirable. Thoroughly warm, with a pleasant breeze blowing, we watched butterflies flutter among the flowering vines hanging on trees in a small acreage. We spotted an oriole nest hanging like a basket from a tree, and I was thankful for their visits during our Okanagan summers (B.C., Canada.) Daytime temperatures there are now slipping to 52 to 60F (11 to 15C). Nighttime here is warmer!
Before the sun is up, local Mexican birds are singing happily from their nighttime hide-outs! Are they getting themselves awake? The sparrows, finches, orioles and swallows sound eager for daytime activity. Soon they are hopping about cheerfully, checking around the cobblestones (or swooping near, gathering breakfast). Their cheerful "attitude" continues all through the day. Yes, I am reflecting my feelings onto them! It seems our poor B.C. sparrows endure more than enjoy the frost, snow and ice. Life is tough! Especially so when they have so few hours of daylight to search out sufficient food to keep themselves warm throughout the long night.
Funny, I don't mind the thought of returning for November... and... until the snowdrops poke their heads up through their namesake snow in late Jan or February. Then other small bulbs return to bloom and welcome the daffodils. They are joined by graceful branches of yellow forsythia. Of course I want to see spring! The struggle of winter... and then - but the Real Reason is My Family are there! See you for winter beauty!

Monday, September 30, 2013

I rode the local Mexican bus to San Juan Cosala! (The "Joco" bus - that's Jocotopec) I found the balneario or hot springs pools!  Waters are a perfect temp for swimming! Or you can float and look out at Lake Chapala stretching away to a volcanic-shaped mountain. The massage by spouts of falling water will loosen those neck muscles, tight from an author's computer work! The only glitch was the ride back - the bus had "no" shocks and the topis (speed bumps) are high along that road! I held onto the seat in front, giving and causing smiles on the faces of my fellow lady passengers!  Sunshine again today, with a two dips in the unheated pool and a chat with Paty, our Villas del Sol property management lady. (That's B for V, as in Bee-yas del Sol :D

Friday, September 27, 2013

Susan DeBeeson, writing for Adventures of Jennifer! 
Join me in a two-part blog of Travel and observations on Relationships! 
I've been a traveler in Canada, Nepal, Mexico and the U.S.of A. 
People and Relationships - We have the challenges and blessings of these in common the world over. 
Having written two novels on relationship challenges and abuse, journey with me through Jennifer's "real-life" story. ["Jennifer's Journey" and "Jennifer's Healing"]
Travel!  Ajijic, Mexico is a charming village of cobblestone streets and facinating people from all walks of life.  Join me on bus rides, walk-abouts, and personal connections.