Friday, September 27, 2013

Susan DeBeeson, writing for Adventures of Jennifer! 
Join me in a two-part blog of Travel and observations on Relationships! 
I've been a traveler in Canada, Nepal, Mexico and the U.S.of A. 
People and Relationships - We have the challenges and blessings of these in common the world over. 
Having written two novels on relationship challenges and abuse, journey with me through Jennifer's "real-life" story. ["Jennifer's Journey" and "Jennifer's Healing"]
Travel!  Ajijic, Mexico is a charming village of cobblestone streets and facinating people from all walks of life.  Join me on bus rides, walk-abouts, and personal connections.

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  1. I rode the local Mexican bus to San Juan Cosala! (The "Joco" bus - that's Jocotopec) I found the balanerio or hot springs pools! Waters are a perfect temp for swimming! Or float as you look out at Lake Chapala. The massage by spouts of falling water will loosen those neck muscles, tight from an author's computer work! The only glitch was the ride back - the bus had no shocks and the topis (speed bumps) are high along that road! I held onto the seat in front, giving and causing smiles on the faces of my fellow lady passengers!