Monday, September 30, 2013

I rode the local Mexican bus to San Juan Cosala! (The "Joco" bus - that's Jocotopec) I found the balneario or hot springs pools!  Waters are a perfect temp for swimming! Or you can float and look out at Lake Chapala stretching away to a volcanic-shaped mountain. The massage by spouts of falling water will loosen those neck muscles, tight from an author's computer work! The only glitch was the ride back - the bus had "no" shocks and the topis (speed bumps) are high along that road! I held onto the seat in front, giving and causing smiles on the faces of my fellow lady passengers!  Sunshine again today, with a two dips in the unheated pool and a chat with Paty, our Villas del Sol property management lady. (That's B for V, as in Bee-yas del Sol :D