Friday, October 4, 2013

Mirador is a rooftop reached by stairs: from mirar = to look at, watch
We walked from viewpoint to viewpoint on the mirador with the hot sun making a shady spot desirable. Thoroughly warm, with a pleasant breeze blowing, we watched butterflies flutter among the flowering vines hanging on trees in a small acreage. We spotted an oriole nest hanging like a basket from a tree, and I was thankful for their visits during our Okanagan summers (B.C., Canada.) Daytime temperatures there are now slipping to 52 to 60F (11 to 15C). Nighttime here is warmer!
Before the sun is up, local Mexican birds are singing happily from their nighttime hide-outs! Are they getting themselves awake? The sparrows, finches, orioles and swallows sound eager for daytime activity. Soon they are hopping about cheerfully, checking around the cobblestones (or swooping near, gathering breakfast). Their cheerful "attitude" continues all through the day. Yes, I am reflecting my feelings onto them! It seems our poor B.C. sparrows endure more than enjoy the frost, snow and ice. Life is tough! Especially so when they have so few hours of daylight to search out sufficient food to keep themselves warm throughout the long night.
Funny, I don't mind the thought of returning for November... and... until the snowdrops poke their heads up through their namesake snow in late Jan or February. Then other small bulbs return to bloom and welcome the daffodils. They are joined by graceful branches of yellow forsythia. Of course I want to see spring! The struggle of winter... and then - but the Real Reason is My Family are there! See you for winter beauty!

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  1. Yes and we are happy that you will be here for the changes of season! The chance to cozy up w a hot cup of tea! Something you can't really do when it's burning hot outside!:)