Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Jennifer has been popping up lately. Would she respond to the kindness of the Mexican people? And enjoy Erika's tacos? I'm sure! Jennifer needs kindness...
You say, "She's fiction! She's not real! It's a novel!"   She is So real! Read "Jennifer's Journey" and find out!      ERIKA
Erika is a young woman like Jennifer. She has an open-air taco stand. Above, you see wonderful barbacoa tacos she quickly put together. She selects cooked meat from a hot kettle of broth, chops it with a cleaver and reheats it on the grill. She "butters" one side of the tortillas with seasoned oil, heats them and Voila! In goes the meat. You add the chopped cilantro and sweet onion she has ready. If you do take-out, she slides the foam plate into a plastic bag and touches the folded edge to the grill -- it's sealed! At home, you have an avocado, perfectly ripe. Fresh 'limon' juice (a lime lemon) sparks it up and brightens the fruit juice and quinine water (tonic). It's more fun to choose to eat in front of her open-front store of children's games. You can practice your Spanish as you have a tasty lonche! 
Provecho! (Enjoy!) 
(More about Erika and Jennifer later.)


  1. I must try her tacos! Is Erika's in Ajijic or San Juan Cosala?

    Guess what! I finished both of the Jennifer books and am sitting on pins and needles waiting for the next and final book in the series!! I love the way Jennifer has found a "sister circle" of friends to help her through her tragic encounters.

  2. Erika's is right in Ajijic, 2 doors from the Waffle House on the carretera! Yes, Jennifer has found tremendous support from her "sister circle"! And Sam. And silent Larry and wise Pastor Randahl!