Monday, October 7, 2013

Mexican Chocolate

Ahh, Mexican chocolate! Lunch at Tangos and then the fatal question... shall we have dessert?
I say, "No. Oh, I'll just look at the dessert menu for next time."
Ya, sure! "Hmm. What's this chocolate cake like?"
"Like a brownie. No wheat. Rich."
"Well, honey, do you want to split one?"
Brownie?? More like fudge! The plan: three or four bites, and take some home to have with morning coffee. (Burn your calories early in the day!)
I had promoted ordering. My Honey went along with it. But as he talked with the men, I glanced over and saw it was disappearing!
We'll return to Tangos for the 55 peso lunch special and 50 pesos for another slice of chocolate cake!
(I wonder if there'll be any to take home for morning coffee??)

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